Transaction Partner AG

Success factors

Success factor "competition”

We have developed a new business model based on over 200 transactions and our own entrepreneurial activities. This enables us to offer a completely new, high-quality service that has never been offered before.

The complexity of a transaction does not only depend on the company to be sold (size, etc.), but is also individual in each case. The art of selling a company lies in correctly assessing the players and building a “functioning market”. In order to achieve this, we use state-of-the-art methods and procedures which are available to us in the age of digitization.

Success factor "information control”

Transaction Partner AG combines a wealth of experience, a high-quality service and personal commitment to your advantage. Our corporate structure permits a completely new quality of care. Your contact person is always the management.

At the same time, we ensure one of the most important requirements in the succession process and in the sale of a company, namely discretion and control of the information flow. We master all processes and know who should receive which information at what time.

Our company is small and manageable, which is why we can offer professionalism that is hard to beat. As managing director, you talk to us on an equal basis.

Success factor "Enthusiasm"

The selling price of a company is not only determined by objective financial key figures and economically justified considerations. The latest neuroeconomic findings show that human decisions also contain an emotional component.

Which brand comes first to your mind when you think of electric cars? With us it’s Tesla. But we do not want to discuss Elon Musk here, we want to point out an important characteristic of people, namely the power of enthusiasm.

We are enthusiastic about what we do and we bring this enthusiasm into your project.

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