Transaction Partner AG

Selling companies more successfully

Selling companies more successfully

As a specialized, interdisciplinary and independent team, we advise our customers personally and individually. We bring broad professional knowledge and concrete experience from over 200 company sales and succession arrangements (transactions) to your project.

The targeted sales and succession process of Transaction Partner AG is based on verifiable success factors and offers you a high degree of transaction security with maximum discretion.

We are independent experts for demanding projects, which we complete with enthusiasm: Better solutions and higher sales prices for company sales and succession are our promise.

What matters?


Sound analysis of the initial situation as a basis for a coordinated and promising sales strategy.

Buyer approach

A combination of systematic and individual buyer approach leads to several concrete prospective buyers and a high degree of transaction security.

Documentation & Video

«You never get a second chance to make a first impression.» Meaningful, consistent documentation combined with an attractive video as a shop window to the outside world.


The agreed solution and the sales price achieved are the result of careful preparation and skilful negotiation. A watertight contract with clear rules creates security and commitment for both sides.


Protection of personal data, trade secrets, customers and employees must be ensured in every step of the process.

Goodwill & multiplier

In order for goodwill or a high multiplier to be paid, the sales strategy must match the buyer strategy.

This is what distinguishes us

  • Experience from over 200 transactions, valuations and succession solutions
  • Optimal preparation (evaluation, documentation, video)
  • Coordinated, individual sales strategy
  • Targeted buyer approach, international buyer network and several thousand prospective buyers, categorized company database
  • High transaction security with maximum discretion
  • Fee only in case of success
  • Personal support by management

We are the right partners

  • You strive for an optimal result in the sale of the company or the succession solution
  • You need a coordinated, individual solution
  • You want to concentrate on your day-to-day business
  • The sustainable success of your company is close to your heart
  • Confidentiality and discretion are important to you
  • You want to pay the fee only in case of success
  • You like to work with professionals
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