Transaction Partner AG

Selling companies more successfully

Selling companies more successfully

After 200 successfully sold companies and succession arrangements, we wanted to start over again. As an experienced team we have more time and can look after our customers more personally and individually. Thanks to our extensive experience, we achieve higher sales prices and find better solutions for company successions.

These are our three most important success factors:

  • Competition
  • Flow of information
  • Enthusiasm

What matters?


Tax-optimized accounting differs diametrically from that required for sale purposes.

Gap analysis

Weaknesses are a deficit until a convincing solution is found.

Business plan

Potential cannot be sold. Whereas a well-founded business plan can be sold successfully.


The greatest risk is an undocumented business whose success depends on a few people.


The most important success criteria is more than one prospective buyer.

Selling price

The selling price is the result of careful preparation and skillful negotiation.

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